Here's how to sign up for EasySlotBooking Telegram Alerts

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Easy Slot Scheduling not only assists you in booking visa slots but also makes the entire process simple and at your fingertips. Our tool helps you acquire the best visa date available and is 100% safe and trusted by countless.

Here's how you can sign up for EasySlotBooking Telegram Alerts:

To begin with, head to the website's "Pricing" section. You can get started by clicking "GET STARTED" in the Pricing section. 


There are three categories to choose from: START, PREMIUM, and STELLAR EDITION. You can choose from one of the three categories depending on your preferences.

We will select the Premium Edition to proceed with the tutorial. The Premium section provides alerts for only one category. You may opt for the Rs. 8000/- plan if you want alerts from all categories.


When you choose a plan and click "Next," you will be taken to the website's sign-up page. To subscribe, you must first be logged in. You can access the portal in one of three ways: 

  1. By registering an individual account on the website.

  2. Using your Google account

  3. Using your Facebook account

When you log in, you'll be sent to the Premium Subscription (or whichever option you've signed up for) form, where you'll be asked to provide some of your basic details, such as your name, contact number, email, visa type, and so on. Keep in mind that your email ID must match your portal ID.


After you've completed all of the fields, click next. You'll then be directed to a website where your Telegram account will be linked to the Easy Slot Booking assistant bot to get alerts. So, to verify, click on the link in the EasySlotBooking Telegram chat, or click on the

"@easyslotbookingassistantbot" on the web page before you on the screen, which will take you to the Telegram chat section, where to proceed, first type “/register”

Once you've opened the Easy Slot Booking assistant BOT chat section, please copy the code shown on the website page before you paste it into the chat section run this command /register in the chat. Following this stage, the BOT will return a unique code in the chat, which will be your verification code. Copy this unique verification code, paste it into the website, and then click next. Follow and complete this process within 5 minutes, as the unique code expires after that time.

Don't forget to check the box below indicating that you have read and agree with the website's policy before clicking the "Continue to Pay" button.


You will now be directed to the payment section and asked to pay for your selected subscription. Since we had requested or applied for the "premium edition," the website would require payment from us accordingly. PayPal is your sole option if you want to pay in US dollars. However, the displayed barcode on the page is for UPI payments in Indian rupees. So you can pay via UPI if you are paying from India.

But make sure that whenever you make the payment, you copy the code underneath the barcode on the payments section of the website to the notes section of your payment application since that will serve as evidence of your payment fulfillment.

We're using the PayPal option to make the payment here. When you use the PayPal option, you will be taken to a screen that looks like this, where you will click on the 'SEND' link, select the amount, copy and paste the code displayed underneath the barcode, and click "Continue." 

As previously noted, this option is only available to international users who pay from abroad. This will not work for Indians, but you can use the UPI option if you are in India. Simply scan the barcode and pay. After making the payment and pasting the code displayed below the barcode into the payment notes box, click on the "confirm payment" option and click "OKAY."


Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with all of the Telegram channel links (in case if you don't see the channel links in your inbox, you can run this command /channellinks in the BOT assistance chat). You will be able to begin using the EasySlotBooking service.

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